Competition Information

We are pleased to have our 2nd Young Artist Competition. It is aimed specifically at emerging classical guitarists. It will be held in two rounds:

  • Preliminary Round. Saturday November 17th from 10:00am - 4:00pm
  • Final Round. Sunday November 18th from 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Due to a very generous grant from the Arts Institute at Montgomery College, this year the competition is free to apply. Because of this, the competition is only open on a first come-first serve basis to the first 40 applicants. 

The program is free for both rounds, and pieces may be repeated, however contrasting pieces are highly recommended to highlight your versatility and stylistically correct performance practice.

Please note that no past 1st prize winners are eligible to apply, unless you are in a new division.

Both rounds will be held in the Music Recital Hall and are open to the public to view.

There will be three divisions in the competition:

  • Elementary School - Preliminary Round, 4 minutes. Final Round - 5 minutes
  • Middle School - Preliminary Round, 5 minutes. Final Round - 7 minutes
  • High School - Preliminary Round, 7 minutes. Final Round - 10 minutes

The Prizes for the Competition are:

  • Elementary School - 1st Place: Trophy, 2nd Place: Medal, 3rd Place: Medal
  • Middle School - 1st Place: Trophy and $100 , 2nd Place: Medal and $75, 3rd Place: Medal and $50
  • High School - 1st Place: Trophy and $400, 2nd Place: Medal and $200, 3rd Place: Medal and $75

Judges: Adam Levin, Adam Kossler, John Kossler.

The results will be announced at the conclusion of the Kossler Duo Concert. 

Message from the Artistic Director.

Through competitions I met a community of artists that have helped me form the basis of my career. Through them I was offered concerts, guest lectures, and residencies. Far too many competitions are about creating note-perfect robots, just playing carefully with good tone to please the masses. Music is not about this. It is about stirring the senses, putting your personality out through the guitar. As such, I have instructed the judges to follow this idea of artistry, and focus on the important things in music - who has developed their own individual voice. It is not about how the judges think the music should be played, it is about how the performer interprets the piece. At the end of the day, we are entertainers. 

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